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12. Environmental Protection

Bayer takes its responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. It is constantly working to ­reduce environmental impact and find innovative solutions that benefit the environment. Our environmental standards apply worldwide.

Eco-efficient processes help cut the costs associated with materials, energy, emissions and disposal. After all, an efficient approach to raw materials and energy is now more than ever an economic imperative too. Ever increasing costs oblige us to take measures to improve resource and energy efficiency that relieve the strain on the environment while also cutting costs.

Our commitment to environmental protection, health and safety extends beyond the scope of legal requirements. It includes factoring in environmental aspects and performing a voluntary ecological assessment for capital expenditure projects exceeding €10 million. In the case of acquisitions we examine ­prior to the transaction whether the applicable environmental and occupational safety regulations and fundamental employee rights are complied with at the production sites in question.

We are committed to the chemical industry’s Responsible Care™ initiative and have set out the basic principles of this commitment in our Bayer Sustainable Development Policy. Certified HSEQ management systems control its operational implementation.

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