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12.7 International Standards and Certifications

To ensure high health, safety, environmental protection and quality (HSEQ) standards throughout the Group, Bayer has established management systems that are aligned to acknowledged international stand­ards and are regularly evaluated and updated. They form an integral part of all our business processes. Regular upkeep of the management systems and appropriate training and certification also demonstrate our commitment to the guidelines of the chemical industry’s Responsible Care Global Charter.

With regard to the coverage of our business activities with HSEQ management systems based on energy consumption, around 99% of our production sites had an HSE management system audited internally by Bayer and over 90% of our Group-wide business activities were certified externally to internationally recognized standards in 2013. As part of a Group-wide certification plan, we are seeking to further increase the level of coverage separately for each subgroup by 2017. The goal is for each subgroup to have a ­coverage based on energy consumption of at least 80% by then. This applies to both environmental and occupational safety management.

Certifications*[Table 3.12.8]
ISO 14001 certification/EMAS validation6684 84
HSEQ management systems based on other external standards**54 58 67
Certified to OHSAS 180012730 30
HSE management systems audited by Bayer9999 99
* % of business activities (based on energy consumption)
** e.g. RCMS (Responsible Care Management System) in the United States or Industria Limpia (Clean Industry) in Mexico

All subgroups also have industry-specific international quality management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485 or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Group-wide, coverage is over 91%.

In 2012 we started applying ISO 50001, which defines requirements for introducing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system. So far, the MaterialScience sites in Brunsbüttel, Dormagen, Leverkusen and Krefeld-Uerdingen (all Germany) have gained certification. In 2013 CropScience completed the implementation of energy management systems at the Knapsack and Monheim sites in Germany with certification to ISO 50001. Together with the EMAS-certified site in Frankfurt, three of the German sites have thus been prepared to meet the Group’s energy efficiency target. HealthCare has started implementing ISO 50001 and the certification process at the Bitterfeld site was completed in 2013. By 2015 the subgroup intends to introduce energy management systems certified to ISO 50001 at all its German production sites. Currenta has also started introducing an energy management system.

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