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13. Social Commitment

Throughout the world, Bayer is active in a variety of ways in the core fields of education and science, health and social needs, and sports and culture. With its foundations, the Bayer Group promotes cutting-edge research, talented individuals and innovative educational and social projects. In 2013 Bayer provided some €50 million (2012: €49 million) for these activities. As with its business operations, Bayer’s social commitment is based on innovation and pioneering spirit.

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Expenses for Social Initiatives in 2013[Table 3.13.0-1]
€ million Share
of total
in %
of category
in %
Education and science 14 28
School projects, focus: natural science and technology 4 30
Medical and clinical research 3 23
Science and research support (e.g. awards, endowed chairs, research funding, symposia) 3 20
Nature and environment, environmental education 2 15
Scholarships for students, talent management programs 2 13
Health and social needs 17 34
Health care provision, social medicine, emergency medical care 9 51
Community projects 3 19
Health education, patient groups 3 18
Disaster aid, reconstruction 1 6
Volunteering projects 1 6
Sports and culture 19 38
Bayer clubs (sports, leisure, culture) 14 75
Culture incl. Bayer Arts & Culture 5 24
Other sports projects and projects in the communities surrounding the sites 0 1
Total 50    
Expenses for Social Initiatives[Table 3.13.1]
Main sponsorship areas20122013
€ million€ million
Education and science13 14
Health and social needs16 17
Sports and culture20 19

The Foundation & Donations Management Department within the Corporate Office of Bayer AG is responsible for strategically aligning and coordinating our social commitment, as well as for monitoring and reporting activities. Social initiatives are implemented decentrally.

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All project sponsoring is subject to the provisions of a Group-wide donation directive that establishes a framework for its content-related and strategic alignment, as well as the proper handling of the funds. We steer the selection of the projects through allocation guidelines comprising, among other aspects, the indicators “social relevance” and “thematic proximity to the company’s fields of expertise.” In all activities, we focus on countries in which Bayer is represented and on areas that are of relevance to the company’s business strategy. Neither Bayer AG nor other Bayer Group companies make donations to political parties or associations affiliated with them.

Education and science

The Bayer Science & Education Foundation supports young scientists and renowned researchers across the globe through scientific awards, endowed chairs and research scholarships. In 2013 the foundation approved total funding of €2 million for this purpose.

The international Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award is presented annually in three categories: biology, chemistry and materials. The Bayer foundation presents this award to talented young scientists in the early stages of their academic careers. Further honorary awards presented by the Bayer Science & Education Foundation for scientific achievements include the Otto Bayer Award, the Hansen Family Award and the Bayer Thrombosis Research Award.

Bayer also supports the scientific instruction of young people. We want to help awaken and promote an interest in science, technology and medicine through initiatives for schoolchildren and scholarship programs. In this way, we are helping talented young people at an early age who have the potential to become leading-edge researchers.

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The Bayer School Support Program specifically assists teachers near Bayer’s German sites who organize scientific and technical instruction in an innovative way. The foundation supported the implementation of such ideas with total funding of €500,000 in 2013.

The international Bayer education initiative “Making Science Make Sense” aims to help elementary school students experience the world of science through target-group-oriented experimental instruction. In 2013 we once again implemented locally specific programs in North and South America, Europe and Asia, some of which involve volunteering activities by our employees.

The Bayer foundation established a total of 100 German scholarships at 22 universities throughout the country, making available €180,000 for this purpose in the reporting period. The foundation accepted 52 students into the international scholarship program in 2013, approving funding of €200,000. In addition, 10 schoolchildren were accepted into the Science Teens Program and 20 physicians from 16 countries were included in the Young Physician Leaders Program. In addition to funding, the Bayer scholarship students also benefit from the opportunity to make valuable contacts at the company.

The Humboldt-Bayer Research Fellowship was initiated in 2013, marking the first time the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has collaborated with an industrial company. The program gives outstanding young international researchers the opportunity to spend time conducting research in Germany and to engage in intensive exchange with Bayer’s science networks. Bayer made available total funding of €500,000 for this purpose.

Health and social needs

We work to improve health services and social conditions in many regions of the world. To achieve this objective, we cooperate with partners within international programs and support local initiatives.

One of the projects Bayer maintains in the area of public health is a collaboration with the Chinese government aimed at promoting advanced training for physicians in rural, medically underserved areas of western China. Supplementing Bayer’s economic activities in its core business is the Access to Medicine (ATM) strategy. As part of this program, the company supplies medicines free of charge to combat “neglected” tropical diseases.

To mark the company's 150th anniversary, the Bayer Cares Foundation for the first time supported employees around the world who endeavor to improve living conditions in the communities surrounding the company’s sites through their own project ideas.

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In its volunteering program, the foundation made available total funding of €680,000 in 2013 for 172 employee and citizen projects in 50 countries. The foundation especially supports measures in its core areas of promoting education and health, and meeting basic social needs. Their goal is to help close supply gaps.

Disaster aid is another area of activity for our social needs foundation. While the company itself provides areas hit by natural disasters with immediate aid in the form of donations of money and goods, the foundation supports sustainable reconstruction projects to help people who find themselves in a state of hardship.

Sports and culture

Bayer has been actively involved in supporting culture and sports for more than a century, thereby making a sustainable contribution to the cultural life and sports opportunities at its sites in Germany. In 2013 the company provided funding of some €13 million for recreational, disabled and competitive sports activities.

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Bayer is realigning its charitable sponsorship of sports in the communities near its Lower Rhine sites in Germany. These activities will be gradually concentrated at six major clubs by 2015. Bayer’s involvement in professional soccer at Bayer 04 Leverkusen GmbH is not part of its social sports sponsorship activities because it belongs to the company’s image advertising.

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